Year 11 2017 Subject Selection


Subject Structure:

Compulsory Subjects are:

English , Science ,  Mathematics and Statistics,  Religious and Social Education 


Three optional subjects to be chosen from:

Art , Drama , Design and Fashion Studies , Digital Technologies , Economics , French ,

Physical Education and Health , Geography , German , Graphics , History , Music ,  

Support Studies (no NCEA credits)



Level 1  NCEA:

  • An NCEA Level 1 Certificate is awarded to a student who gains at least 80 credits from any level of which 10 must be in Literacy and 10 in Numeracy. Specified Standards available through a range of subjects are identified with (L) for Literacy and (N) for numeracy in this booklet.
  • Students must take whole courses.
  • More than one assessment opportunity is available for some internally assessed Standards during the year.
  • A booklet detailing the School’s NCEA Assessment policy will be provided to students and parents at the beginning of the year.
  • Reporting of results will be on progress towards a NCEA Level 1 Certificate. Students will gain an award of Achieved, Achieved with Merit or Achieved with Excellence for each Standard or Achievement for Unit Standards.
  • Subjects, except Support Studies, will offer 17-21 credits in their subject.


The Arts

Arts1 Arts2 Arts3

English - Core subject



Languages1 Languages2

Mathematics - Core Subject


Physical Education and Health


Social Sciences

Social Sciences1


Social Sciences4

Social Sciences3

Social Sciences2



Science - Core Subject




Technology1 Technology2 Technology3 Technology4


Support Studies

Support Studies