This is a general reminder that the only earrings to be worn are plain silver or gold studs, and these are in the ear lobe, not in the cartilage at the top of the ear. Sparkly earrings of any size are not part of our uniform. The only hair accessories that are to be used are hair coloured hair ties i.e. brown, black or blonde colour ties, please do not use the curly plastic bands. A navy or bottle green ribbon can be worn around the hair tie. Crocodile clips and headbands (of any colour) are not part of our uniform, you will be asked to remove these and retie your hair if necessary.

Year 12 and 13 – all Ball makeup and accessories e.g. nail polish, fake nails etc should have been removed by Monday August 1, these need to be gone by August 8. False eyelashes etc should have also been removed by August 1, please ensure that these also are gone  by August 8.  Please see me if there is an issue with meeting this deadline.

We take pride in our appearance at Craighead and underpinning this is always wearing our uniform well and according to our policy.

Please make sure that you are back in the appropriate uniform on Monday.

Ngā mihi nui