Well-done to all the performers and music ensembles at the Performing Arts showcase concert!

Thank you to itinerant music tutors who lead and mentored the school music ensembles:

  • String Group-Mr Tim McLeod
  • Woodwind Ensemble-Mr Tim Bower
  • ACE Contemporary Band-Mr Russell Fleming
  • Choir-Ms Celia Liu

String Group: Alysha Bradley, Meg Johnston, Haruka Kato, Olive Roxburgh, Miglia Schicker, Louisa Stuart and Rosie Winter.

 Woodwind Ensemble: Yuna Gibson, Sophie Kane, Hyunji Kim, Ellie Muirhead, Sophie Mulder and Emily Stuart.

 ACE Contemporary Band: Neve Gaffaney, Natalie Holland, Ruby Jackson and Charlotte Munro.

 Piano Duet: Hyunji Kim and Sana Rogers.

 Choir: Pear Chantrasup, Phoebe Evans-Hoeffgen, Georgia Fitzgerald, Mikayla Grant, Isobela-Jaide Gray, Sophie hogg, Natalie Holland, Ruby Jackson, Sophie Kane, Hyunji Kim, Diya Kolhe, Aluys Lowe, Beth Savage and Clare Scarlett.