How to test using a Rapid Antigen Test (adapted from ‘Feeling Covid positive but your RAT is negative?’)

With the use of RAT’s to test for Covid 19 now the favoured method of testing, we would like to let families know of the correct way to use these. The following graphic created by Dr Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris shows how to appropriately complete a nasal swab, essentially pushing the swab low and slow.


Dr Ashley Bloomfield stated in the Media conference today that the best discriminator of whether someone is still transmissible with the virus is the presence of symptoms. If your daughter remains symptomatic after the seven day isolation period then please do not send her back to school on day 8. She can return to school when any symptoms have resolved and she has been clear of these (asymptomatic) for 48 hours.

You can read more from Dr Wiles here