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Radio NZ article:

Queen’s Birthday honourees share passion for justice

6 June 2022 Jonty Dine, Reporter

Three people who have devoted their lives to justice and fairness are among those honoured in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Birthday Honours.

Reverend Louise Deans

Reverend Louise Deans helped expose sexual abuse in the Anglican Church and her lifetime of work protecting women has been recognised with her inclusion on the honours list. She has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

Deans said she takes great pride knowing she played a role in helping create a culture where women are more comfortable speaking out. “It had always been so taboo, something kept secret and it was the destroyer of so many people. I thought this isn’t fair, the church should be taking a lead on this, not lagging behind.” Her book, Whistle Blower: Abuse of Power in the Church – a New Zealand Story, has become compulsory reading for any minister training at St John’s Theological College. She has been recognised for services to the community and women. Deans initially deleted the email informing her of the honour as she believed it was a scam. “They rang me a few weeks later and I just feel so honoured to be put in that category of New Zealanders, I was astonished.” Deans has been an ordained Anglican priest for 33 years. She was elected a member of Selwyn District Council in 1989 and has advocated for rural women to pursue their careers. However, she considers her work exposing sexual abuse her most important. “I’m very pleased people are now aware it is an issue and can be catastrophic for women in the church, I just hope I’ve changed the world a little.”