Hi everyone, my name is Clare and I am the Deputy Arts Leader for 2023. I first started at Craighead in Year 9 coming from a small country school, Barton Rural. For me this was a major jump from being a senior then becoming a junior again. Now I find myself as one of the Craighead school leaders.

From a young age I have always had a passion for the arts such as tap dancing and painting. Now I am more into the performing arts side like singing and acting. Participating in the arts has definitely boosted my confidence for putting myself out there and helping me to be the leader I am today. Craighead has given me the opportunity to be a part of many sports and cultural groups such as netball, basketball, school committees and choir. Next year when I leave school I am intending on going to University of Canterbury to do engineering.

This year I have been very engaged in carrying on and expanding with theatre sports and choir. In my role I want to give back to the school and help encourage others to join or carry on with their joy for the arts. Some last words of encouragement from me would be to get out there and involve yourself in the arts.

Clare Scarlett

Deputy Arts Leader