I am very fortunate and feel honored to be the Sports Captain of Craighead for 2022. This role gives me the opportunity to contribute to the success of Craighead’s sporting codes, and make the sporting environment at Craighead fun, supportive and accessible to all ages and abilities. 

I began at Craighead as a Year 7 student in 2016, coming from a small rural school of just 20 students. I was struck by the diversity that Craighead offers, with high quality opportunities in many fields like sport, cultural, arts and academic. This allowed me to easily slip into the school community where I was supported by people with similar interests. In my younger years at Craighead I was selected to play tennis overseas in the NZ Tennis Development Team.  However, after being given the freedom to explore other interests I was led to focus on rowing and netball for my later years at Craighead which I’d never expected, having walking into school as a passionate Tennis player. I also give back to the community by devoting my time to coaching and umpiring netball. 

As I leave Craighead at the end of this year I will continue with my sporting endeavors. I look forward to coaching the Craighead rowing squad with every available opportunity, as they have shaped a huge part of my life. I plan to study Health Science at Otago University next year but will always closely follow the success of Craighead students.

Lucy Crawford
Craighead Sports Captain