For my last year at Craighead, I am very fortunate and humbled to take on the opportunity of being Head Girl and to lead an outstanding school like Craighead with the support of my peers, staff, wider community and my family. Ever since joining this vibrant and welcoming community in 2016, Craighead has welcomed me with open arms and enabled me to flourish into a respectful and independent young woman who values diligence and respect.

The skills I have developed at Craighead are often applied in the extracurricular activities and sports I involve myself in. Since starting Craighead in Year 7 I have often found myself diving in at the deep end and signing up for as many activities as I could that took my interest. This caused my schedule to be extremely busy for an eleven year-old however, with improved learning time management skills I am proud to say that I am still involved in many of the committees and co-curricular activities I signed up for several years ago. Coming from a musical background, I naturally found myself embracing the numerous cultural opportunities Craighead offers. I have competed with the Craighead Choir, Junior Choir, and Chorale at the Big Sing, and was fortunate to attend Nationals twice with the Craighead Chorale, being part of the group awarded silver and bronze awards. Alongside this, I have also been a long-standing member of the Kapa haka, orchestra, and string group. Music is a key part of my identity, and Craighead has allowed me to flourish as an individual in the cultural side of the school. I have also participated in a number of sports however, over time my focus has been concentrated on basketball. I have been a player in the Senior A Basketball team, as well as being a South Canterbury representative, and a coach of various teams. Being part of these groups and teams has allowed me to create meaningful connections with students of all year levels, and has taught me the importance of sisterhood. Connectivity is a vital part of Craighead, and the sisterhood of the students is one of the things that makes our school special.

Putting on my blazer for my final year, this time with the blue braid, I wear my uniform with pride and am proud to be a Craighead student. I have learned and honed skills and qualities over the past six years that have aided me and will further help me in my journeys in the years to come. Whilst the school year faces uncertainty again in 2022, I believe that with the support of my deputy Zara Coleman, my peers in Year 13, and the guidance of our Senior Leadership Team, this year will still be a memorable year!