It is an honour to be named the Deputy House Leader of Te Uru for 2022. The competitive nature of  Craighead’s House challenges are moments that I will forever cherish. I feel privileged to support my co-leader, and friend – Ingrid Whitticase. We are aiming to lead our House to success working within a fun and supportive house environment. Being a leader for 2022, I hope to create a welcoming environment for our newer members and provide the same positive house experiences that I had.

In 2018 I started Craighead as a Year 9 student. With only knowing a handful of girls, this was an extremely nerve-racking experience. However, I quickly settled into the strong community within our school. Throughout my time at Craighead, I have been offered many opportunities. I have been a part of numerous committees allowing me to develop communication skills, and interact with students from differing Year groups. Craighead has provided me with lifelong friendships, and a strong sense of school community. In my final year at school, I aim to give back to Craighead and help to pass these positive experiences on.

In 2023, I plan on studying Health Sciences – First Year at the University of Otago. I aim to pursue a career that will improve the community’s health. Although I am excited about these new university experiences, I will always cherish the Craighead environment and appreciate the fantastic experiences I had here.

Millie Dickson

Te Uru Deputy Leader