This year I have been honoured to lead as head of Te-Uru house. When I started at Craighead in 2018, I was instantly attracted to the inter-manaaki competitions and Whānau spirit that came with them. Activities such as athletics, swimming sports and house chant have always been things that I have looked forward to in the school year. The competitive, fun atmosphere between the house groups is unmatched. From just being a part of the house to now leading it, is an absolute privilege especially alongside my deputy and friend, Millie Dickson.

Personally, I never found moving to High School daunting. I’ve always been a relatively confident girl, however over my years at Craighead I’ve made some awesome memories and meaningful relationships, for that I will always be grateful. Although I feel some hesitation to leave the comfort zone that Craighead has created and allowed me to develop in over these past few years, I feel ready to leave and look forward to furthering my education at the University of Canterbury in 2023. I intend to study a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and move into a halls of residence.

To all the younger girls, my advice would be to really cherish your time at this school. In previous years I was always told that my High School experience would fly by and I never really believed it until now. So have fun and make the most of it by getting involved in all aspects of the school.

Ingrid Whitticase

Te Uru House Leader