This year, I have had the privilege of being the leader of Te Rawhiti. Throughout my years at Craighead, I have always looked up to our school leaders, they have inspired and represented the values of our school. Coming in as a shy Year 9, I quickly gained a sense of belonging within the school and the Boarding House. As I grew, I quickly gained confidence and found myself thriving in all areas of the school. Being Te Rawhiti leader this year has given me the opportunity to engage with all Year groups and I feel as though I am now able to make an impact and inspire those in my house. Craighead’s unique sense of community and sister hood has shaped me into a well rounded and confident young woman.

Over my schooling years I have played many sports such as Netball, Tennis, Basketball and Touch Rugby. These social and competitive sporting opportunities allowed me to help develop the skills needed to be a positive school leader. I have found I have been able to balance my school work load, sporting life and social life well due to the support provided, from teachers and my Boarding House family. 

Although I plan on attending Canterbury University to study a Bachelor of Commerce next year, I know that the friendships I have developed at Craighead will remain a feature of my life past school.

India Rawlings

Te Rawhiti House Leader