The Year 9 German students have been learning about the tradition of the Schultüte (school cone). The tradition dates back to the early 1800’s and is still as popular as ever today throughout Germany. All German children receive a Schultüte on the day they start school, normally made by their parents, grandparents, or other family members. It is usually filled with school stationery items, small toys as well as some treats such as chocolate and lollies. The idea behind this custom is to provide encouragement for the child as they begin their school journey.
We held a class competition with students voting for the best Schultüte, based on accuracy of the language and overall appeal. There were some excellent school cones, but the winners in 9R were Emily Collins and Zoe Wilson, with their Barbie-themed Schultüte!
And here are the Schultüten made by the German students in 9E.
Again, there was a fantastic selection of themes, but the winners were Layla and Maia for their Roblox-themed Schultüte and Sienna and Zara for their dinosaur-themed Schultüte!