Kia tau ki a koutou, te atawhai me te rangimārie o te Atua. (Grace and peace to you from God.)

Mā te Atua koe e whakaū, ki te pono me te hari. (God fill you with truth and joy)

Do you know the Story of the Titanic?
What about the movie? This 5 second videos sums up the Titanic nicely! The Titanic talked a big game. It was The Unsinkable Ship… until, of course, it sunk!
Our tongues are like the rudder of the Titanic. Steered wisely we can avoid the icebergs and the consequences, but steered unwisely we can cause collisions. James (Jesus’ half brother) reminds us of the power of the tongue in Chapter 3 verses 1-11, he likens it to a rudder, a bridle for a horse and a spark. He challenges us that out of the same mouth we praise God and yet curse those who are made in God’s image. We need to seek Jesus’ help in taming the Tongue to break this inconsistency.

1. Pray. Stop and ask “Lord is this helpful? Is this necessary?”
2. Pause and count to 5. In pausing we allow our brains to transfer from red brain (angry, annoyed, irrational) to green brain (healthy, mature, aware of consequences).

So this week may we be people who speak words that build up, encourage and challenge. May we praise God and build up those made in His image.