The bulk of practice exams are now completed with only a few catch up sessions remaining. These have been approached really well by students who have taken the opportunity to show their knowledge and understanding. We were very pleased with the way in which the students tackled these exams, and many will be very happy with their results. The effort they put into these exams has proved how well they can do with appropriate preparation.

Learning for the externals continues in classes with teachers continuing to prepare students for the final external assessments in November. At this time of year, we stress the importance of focussing on revision, ensuring that content and concepts are known thoroughly and that skills are practiced to ensure depth of understanding. The two-week break coming up will provide students a chance to get their revision notes up to date, determine where they need help and advice, and gives them time to practice skills, such as writing and comprehension. The remainder of the teaching year will be focussed on ensuring that all students know what is expected of them in the external assessments. Practicing the skills needed in each course will also be a focus, as will learning content and how best to apply this to the questions being asked. By consolidating the learning now, students will find it easier to access their knowledge when it comes to the exams, cramming for NCEA does not work, revision over time does.

Be it your first set of school exams or your last, the anxiety of sitting an exam is real and in acknowledgment of that we would like to say – well done to everyone – you will have come away with a better understanding of how you work and what you need to do – now is the time to put that into practice before November.

Ngā mihi nui