To raise funds for the Music and Drama Department Craighead Connect are very excited to have secured the rights to a annual fundraiser ‘Duets’ in conjunction with Starbound Studios. Craighead Connect will be organising an Auction as part of this event and would like to kindly ask our Craighead families and community businesses if they could possibly donate something to the auction.
Whether it be goods or services that you yourselves can supply or by way of reaching out to friends and family, or simply purchasing an item to put up for auction.
Any all-inclusive or highly valued items would be amazing too!
There is no pressure to donate, we just want to ensure this one-off fundraiser is hugely successful!
The CoVid 19 lock downs and subsequent level restrictions have delayed this fundraiser enough as it is, but we do hope it will go ahead on Friday 1st October (with anticipation of returning to Level 1). As this event is only weeks away we are asking for your immediate attention on this. We can promote your donation by way of listing your name(business) and item (totally optional) in our printed event programme. Please provide details of your donation(s) to  by no later than Thursday 23 September 2021. We really appreciate your consideration on this.

Many, many thanks in advance,

Kind Regards

Sarah Pierce

Craighead Connect – Chair


“Craighead Connect is a voluntary social group focused around
connecting not only the Craighead family but also with the wider South Canterbury community”