The core goal of pastoral care at Craighead is for each student to feel included and supported as a member of our community. It is the richness of the relationships between students and between students and staff that create a culture where learning thrives because of trust.
To this end, key pastoral staff reviewed our Whānau system post lockdown and during last year this was broadened in consultation with students and staff. Whilst the system broadened relationships between the year levels, it was found that this was at the expense of developing relationships between students of the same age and that the pastoral needs across all 7 year levels were too diverse to address effectively.
As a result, in 2023 the Whānau organisation will look a little different:
  • students in Years 7 – 10 will operate in horizontal Whānau classes (i.e. with students of the same year level) to focus on the Craighead culture and the values we hold dear, as well as the ‘Craighead Way’ , the traditions and norms that make the school special.
  • students in Years 11-13 will operate in vertical Whānau where the focus will be on providing academic and pathways support for students beyond school. These students are all attempting NCEA and so will be able to support each other with difficulties and offer advice on how to overcome challenges. These relationships will also be supported by a long term mentoring relationship with a staff member, who will meet regularly with their Whānau Teacher on a one on one basis to discuss career aspirations and how these link to academic choices.
Students will be introduced to their new Whānau in the following ways:
  • Years 7 and 9 will find out when they come to school on Wednesday 1 February.
  • Year 10 will find out when they arrive at school at 8:40am on Thursday 2 February and meet Mrs Tregenza in the Gym
  • Years 11-13 will meet in the Auditorium at 8:40am on  Thursday 2 February
Students will also be able to see their Whānau classes if they log on to KAMAR from Tuesday 31 January and look at their provisional timetable.
Andrew Jones
Assistant Principal