Welcome to our Boarding Whānau

Our lively, busy and vibrant boarding house sits in the heart of our school campus. It is a safe, well managed and well provisioned home away from home for  approx 140  students from outside the region.

Our modern boarding facilities consist of two three-level boarding wings:
• Len Home wing – generally housing  Years 7 to 10 boarding students. 
• Senior Boarding wing – houses Years 11 to 13 boarding students. The Year 13 boarders all  have a single room with a shared ensuite on the ground floor.

Our new boarder’s settle in quickly,  aided by our Big Sister peer mentor programme. This consists of Year 13 boarders mentoring the junior students throughout their first years of boarding. Each boarding Year group is under the care of a skilled and caring supervisor who takes responsibility for their pastoral care and well-being.

Our boarding students develop many life skills, building young women that are resilient and well-prepared to deal with challenges young people face living day-to-day.

Approximately one third of students that attend Craighead are Boarders. The positioning of our Boarding houses, in the heart of our school, works hand-in-hand in bringing our Daygirls and Boarders together, integrating them as a whole whānau – in class and out. Full and Temporary Boarding is offered at Craighead. Full boarding is where a boarder can remain in House over the weekends if they choose, or they may go home to return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. All boarders leave the House at the end of each term with all their belongings.




Director of Boarding : Mrs Tracy Dockrill     |        Email:  dockrill@craighead.school.nz 

Deputy Boarding Manager/School Medical Officer: Mrs  Nicky Merritt