Our Boarding House

As part of the boarding experience, our girls foster a strong sense of community and lifelong friendships in a large family. With welcoming, skilled, and caring staff we provide a ‘Brilliant Boarding’ experience in a home-away-from-home environment. Within this caring Christian atmosphere a good work ethic is promoted, which develops in our boarders a shared sense of belonging and acceptance.

  • Approximately one third of girls attending Craighead are boarders.
  • Our Boarding House is a lively, busy and vibrant environment.
  • Each Year Group is under the care of a Supervisor who takes responsibility for their pastoral care and well-being.
  • Helped by the Big Sister programme, the new boarders invariably settle in quickly. This programme consists of Year 13 boarders closely mentoring the junior girls throughout their first years of boarding.

Our Boarding House is situated in the heart of our School, bringing together Boarders and Daygirls as they work and integrate as a whole – in class and out. Our Boarding complex is made up of two three-level boarding wings; Len Home wing – housing Years 7-10 and the new Senior Boarding wing which houses Years 11-13. Each wing consists of bedrooms in a variety of comfortable layouts from 4 beds in a room in the Junior wing through to single accommodation with an adjoining ensuite in the Senior wing. Each wing also comprises of family style social areas on each floor containing modern kitchenettes and bathrooms.

Given a boarding experience, our girls develop many life skills, including tolerance, understanding diversity, living in a large family group, the practicalities of organisational skills and living within routines. We find that our boarders going on to University, or even a flatting situation after secondary school are well prepared and mentally resilient to deal with  the challenges a young adult can face in day-to-day living.

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