Our Boarders have settled back in really well, they are enjoying the staggered Dinner times, due to there only being 50 allowed in the dining room at one time!
Pictured below are our Year 7 & 8 Boarders getting ready to head off for a walk to the mall Monday afternoon….


Please see our calendar link for weekend activities and events coming >>  BOARDING HOUSE CALENDAR

A reminder.…please ensure your daughter has her own mask in the Boarding House for trips to the Mall or Town Leave.  These also must be worn on Public Transport/MyWay/Taxis.  Thanks 😷
The Boarding House is open for South Canterbury Anniversary day 27th September.
Please contact me dockrilltr@craighead.school.nz  or  by phone 036 824451 if you have any queries about boarding.

Nga mihi

Tracy Dockrill

Director of Boarding