We had a fabulous time hosting a two-day South Island Cadenza event. Our Year 10 flutist-  Ellie Muirhead played her solo flute item skillfully at the opening ceremony and the school choir sang their hearts out.  Excellent to see all Craighead performers presented their best at the Cadenza!

It was also fantastic to hear a wide range of choral repertoires from various schools, we learnt valuable choral techniques and mass items with Cadenza Adjudicator Dr Elise Bradley, at the choral workshops.

It is a great privilege to receive a “Tui” Award (Premier Cadenza Award) at the Gala Concert Prize Giving. Thank you to wonderful choral music colleagues, school, whānau and local community for their support!

Opening Ceremony Music item: Ellie Muirhead (flute)

Craighead Diocesan School Choir members: Marieke Black, Pear Chantrasup, Phoebe Evans-Hoeffgen, Georgia Fitzgerald, Mikayla Grant, Isobela-Jaide Gray, Sophie Hogg, Natalie Holland, Ruby Jackson, Sophie Kane, Hyunji Kim, Diya Kolhe, Alys Lowe, Beth Savage and Clare Scarlett.

Page turner: Miglia Schicker

Photographer and camera operator: Sana Rogers and Mr Martin Kane