School Policies

Craighead Diocesan School policies sit on a NZ owned and operated digital platform called SchoolDocs. 

Please click on this link to view our craighead.schooldocs.co.nz  site. The username is : craighead

Our school community have been supplied the password to enter this site. From here they will be able to view, review and submit feedback on policies as they come up for community review.

Searching for a policy on the craighead.schooldocs site:

  • To find a policy or procedure, use the search function at the top left with a topic name or keyword. Related topics will appear in the table of contents window. Clicking on the topic you want to read and then closing the search will show where the topic sits in the table of contents.
  • By searching for Quick Links, you will find a list for Parents & Whānau of important policies and procedures, this may be a quicker solution.



1. Regarding the craighead.schooldocs site and all that is contained within:

  • Copyright: Except where stated, the content on this site is the copyright of SchoolDocs Ltd. It may not be reproduced without written permission from SchoolDocs Ltd. 


2. Board of Proprietor Policies:                     

  • Craighead Board of Proprietors share all the Craighead Board of Trustees policies and these can be accessed within the Craighead SchoolDocs site at the above link.
  • The Craighead Diocesan School Board of Proprietors fully owns and operates the Craighead Diocesan School Boarding House, owns all the grounds and buildings within Craighead.
  • In particular, as a boarding parent you may be interested in the Craighead Boarding House handbook, as this is part of the Boarding Contract (a link is found within the SchoolDocs Boarding House policies & also on the school website pageCraigNet under Boarding).
  • The Craighead Board of Proprietors do have a separate policy for Finance and Assets, used as guidance between the board and management.