Learning Support 

Popoia te kakano kia puawai      |     Nurture the seed and it will blossom


All students are supported in achieving their personal excellence at Craighead Diocesan School. As a well resourced school, we offer a number of initiatives such as the school-wide drop of Google Read&Write to support all students’ learning. Individual support is provided both in and outside of the classroom as well as dedicated Literacy and Numeracy Support in small groups. We also offer peer tutoring in both these areas. 

At the Senior level most subjects offer Achievement Standards while a few offer Unit Standards in Core Skills.


Teachers understand that ‘one­-size-­fits-­all’ thinking creates barriers which can exclude many students from realising their potential. Any students who require extra support with their learning are identified and appropriately supported.

Teachers regularly ask students about their learning and use this information to adapt and improve learning programmes. They also provide timely and useful feedback to students about their learning. Sometimes a student might need extra support and we try to provide this in a variety of ways.

We have three part-time Teacher Aides who provide support in a number of classrooms across all levels, and who engage in targeted Tutor Reading with those students reading below their age level. As our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo) I meet regularly with small groups of students in Years 7 and 8 to focus on Literacy and Numeracy skills. Support Studies tutorials also run alongside the girls’ regular timetables at Years 9 and 10 so that they don’t miss too much of any one subject but still have access to extra support when needed.

Support is offered to our Senior students (Years 11-13) through the Foundation Studies programme which is designed to allow more flexibility and one-on-one time with a teacher in a small but multi-level class. Each student in Foundation Studies receives an Individual Learning Plan based on their individual learning goals.

– Mrs Susan Dominikovich, SENCo