2023 Senior Subject Information


NCEA Information



Before launching into the Senior Subject Selection links below please take careful consideration of the following points:
    • The information contained in the Senior Subject Selection links below, separated in to Year groups, is designed to help you in the process of selecting your subjects for 2023.


  • Read through the information carefully
  • Discuss it
  • If you have a career in mind, research qualifications needed and/or tertiary course requirements
  • Check their entry requirements – are there pre-requisites?
  • ALWAYS remember ‘just ask’ if you are unsure – our Staff are qualified and are here to help you


  • If you are experiencing difficulty in making a final decision it is important to discuss this with someone, e.g your Year Dean, before the deadline.
  • A draft timetable will normally be produced before the end of the year or before the commence of the new year. Students will be contacted if there is a clash of subjects.
  • Late changes may be possible, if the timetable, class numbers and staffing permit. Please discuss any changes to your selection with your Dean as soon as possible.
  • Before the next School Year commences and after the release of the NCEA results (usually mid-January) there will be opportunities to discuss any subject concerns with your Year Deans. Dates will be advertised in the School newsletter when you are able to make appointments.


  • Go to our Curriculum website: https://sites.google.com/craighead.school.nz/craigheadcurriculum/home
  • Select your course
  • There are also links to help sites i.e career sites, job profiles, if you are struggling in what career direction to go in.