⇒  Parent Consent & Permission :

This form was sent to Years 8,10-13 Parents/Caregivers via an email on 29 Jan. (Please note all students new to Craighead in 2021 have already completed this form) If you have not already completed this Permissions Google form please use this Permissions & Consent Google link to complete the form. There are 4 short sections to sign contained in this form:

> Student Privacy, Media & the Internet
> Digital Citizenship
> School Mobile Phone policy
> Education Outside the Classroom

Your daughter/s also received an email with a similar Google Form link for them to complete.
We need all parents/caregivers and students to complete this form. This completed form will then last for the duration of time your daughter/s are at Craighead.


⇒  Bus Students:

Parents/Caregivers for all Year levels were sent a short Google Form on 29 Jan to complete if their daughter/s required the services of a school – everyday or just occasionally. If you did not complete that form which was emailed to you then here is the link to complete: Craighead Student Bus Registration form


⇒  Students Driving to School

Parents/Caregivers with Students in Years 11-13 have been sent an email with a short Google form link to complete on 3 Feb regarding how to get permission for their daughter to drive a car to school. If your daughter requires permission to drive to school and you did not complete the form on 3 Feb OR you need to update what you originally submitted please use this Google Form link


⇒  Starting School at Craighead :
Please click on the link below to read information about:
    • Paying School Accounts – options
    • Stationery – where to find Year level lists etc
    • Devices and Digital Learning – including a flyer from Harvey Norman

Click here for Paying Account / Stationery / Device and Digital Learning info


⇒  Boarders :
There are forms that, as a Boarding family, you will need to complete. By following the Boarding Form link below you will be taken through to the Boarding section of this website. Complete any of the forms that are appropriate to you, complete them and hand them to the Boarding House Reception when you arrive.

Click here for the Boarding forms section