Year 12 2017 Subject Selection



Entry to a Year 12 class is not automatic. Please read prerequisites for each subject carefully and if in doubt discuss entry criteria with the Head of Department to gain his/her permission before proceeding.

Subject Structure:

Compulsory Subjects are:

 Religious and and Life Skills Programme includes:

Career Directions , Chaplain’s Studies , Financial Literacy , Recreational Activities , Well-being  


Five or Six optional subjects to be chosen from:

Art , Accounting , Biology , Geography , German , Graphics , History , Mathematics and Statistics , Music ,

Drama ,  Operations in Mathematics with Statistics * , Physical Education , Physics , Chemistry ,  Digital Technologies ,

Design and Fashion Studies ,  Economics , English , English U ,  French , Ara Polytechnic Youth Pathways Course  

*The subject may continue to Year 13 but special conditions apply


Level 2  NCEA:

  • An NCEA Level 2 Certificate is awarded to a student who gains at least 80 credits, 60 of which must be at Level 2 or above, plus 20 credits from any level. These 20 credits may have been used for Level 1 NCEA.
  • Students must take whole subjects.
  • More than one assessment opportunity is available for some internally assessed Standards during the year.
  • A booklet detailing the School’s NCEA Assessment policy will be provided to students and parents at the beginning of the year.
  • Reporting of results will be on progress towards a NCEA Level 2 Certificate. Students will gain an award of Achieved, Achieved with Merit or Achieved with Excellence for each Standard or Achieved for Unit Standards.
  • Subjects will offer at least 18 credits in their subject unless otherwise stated.
  • Some subjects because of their nature, suit assessment by Unit Standard better than Achievement Standard. Details of this are included in subject notes. Unit Standards each have a credit value which counts towards an NCEA Level 2 Certificate. However, Unit Standard achievement is not graduated; students either achieve the Standard or not.
Requirements for entrance to University


UE Requirements

*UE approved subject:  all Level 3 subjects taught at Craighead will offer credits for UE, but the subjects studied through outside providers may not.

Please NOTE:

  1. This UE qualification is the minimum required for entry to University. Courses with limited numbers will require higher standards and students should check requirements for their course with the university concerned.
  2. If you have not continued secondary education beyond Year 12, you can apply for Discretionary Entrance eg because you have gone on an international exchange programme in their Year 13 year.
  3. Persons who are over 20 years of age may apply for special admission to a New Zealand  university of their choice without University Entrance – residency conditions apply.
NCEA Scholarship
  • Scholarship is a monetary award to recognise top students. It does not attract credits nor contribute towards a qualification, but if you gain a Scholarship it will appear on your Record of Learning.
  • If you wish to enter Scholarship you must enter for both Level 3 and Scholarship Standards to ensure you gain University Entrance and your Level 3 National Certificate.
  • Scholarship is assessed against separate, challenging Standards, and will be demanding for the most able students in each subject. You need to be capable of high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and be able to integrate, synthesize and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas to complex situations.


The Arts

Arts1 Arts2 Arts3



English English2


Languages1 Languages2


Maths Maths2

Physical Education and Health


Social Sciences

Social Sciences1 Social Sciences2 Social Sciences3 Social Sciences4


Science1 Science2 Science3




Technology1 Technology2 Technology3 Technology4

Ara Polytechnic Youth Pathways Course


ARA Pathways