Tēnā koutou katoa e te whānau o Craighead –

Today is our last day ‘on site’ for the foreseeable future. Further to the Government’s announcement on Monday that we are moving from Alert Level 3, to Alert Level 4 (Eradicate and Eliminate), the school will now be ‘closed’ as of Wednesday afternoon, apart from our wonderful essential service providers (Boarding House, Kitchen, Laundry and Cleaning staff) who are catering for our International students who must remain on site.

We have done our best to set up your daughters for remote learning but know that this will look different for each individual depending upon their circumstances.

The next two weeks are considered school holidays, so students should look after themselves by taking a break (under self-isolation conditions) from their school-work unless they have an internal assessment due – Senior students will know this already. After Easter, the school will “re-open”, but teaching and learning will take place remotely. It is natural to be worried and to be experiencing symptoms of stress in these unprecedented times. Please look out for each other!

Staff are completing Interim reports, and refining Remote Learning strategies. Subject teachers will already have been in touch with their students about expectations around ensuring learning continues where practicable.
In terms of communications:
• We will use our Craighead Website Homepage as our one-stop shop for all communications, in addition to school email and KAMAR.
• To keep mentally fit and healthy during this time of isolation, Reverend Lucy invites us to share Morning prayers on Facebook as and Night Prayers on Instagram as revlucy2.0 – Please check out this link on our website – St John’s Anglican Timaru
• To keep physically fit and healthy during this time of isolation, our Sports Department are posting ideas on the Craighead Sports Portal on how to maintain health and wellbeing during these challenging times. Check out more ideas on Instagram – craighead_wellbeing
• A Craighead SkoolLoop App is almost ready to be populated for additional communication methods. Instructions for this were e-mailed out on Tuesday morning. Or you can find information on how at this link: Skool Loop Information
• The Ministry of Education have launched Learning from Home and Ki te Ao Mārama websites to support teachers, learners and parents and whānau – for the live links below please go to our school website: https://learningfromhome.govt.nz/
• For further information on updates of the Coronavirus progression – https://covid19.govt.nz/ is the best site.

Learning from home:
We are endeavouring to provide remote learning opportunities to ensure the continuation of learning from home (the links are provided on the web site). Here are some key points:
• This week, your daughter’s teachers are working on their remote learning plans. For many of you, your daughter(s) will already have been advised by her teachers as to how they can continue their learning remotely. Most teachers are using the Google Suite to remain in touch with their classes, this includes Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Hangouts and Google Meet. However, there will be variations to platforms being used amongst the Departments as teachers use those that best meet the needs of their courses and students.
Remote Learning – Parent Information – follow this link from our website homepage to find information designed to give you an indication of what our staff are using and some ideas for how to undertake remote learning. There is no expectation that the girls are to sit in front of their devices for a normal school day, this is unrealistic. We are expecting that our students will all work differently – there will be some who spread their work throughout the day, some who do all their English or Maths in one day, some who do half days on one subject – this is all acceptable. However, we wish to reiterate that your daughter will need breaks from remote learning activities and could look at activities such as reading a book, painting, playing a musical instrument, cooking dinner, walking the dog etc. will all be important for her mental health and wellbeing.
• All teachers will continue to work on remote learning programmes in order to ensure your daughter remains able to achieve to her potential. Please be assured that your daughter will not be penalised in any way with the closure of school, we are working hard to ensure that any changes are implemented seamlessly and that assessments are not impacted. Everyone is affected in the same way. NCEA is not at risk yet, although assessments may be moved around.

• For Year 7&8 students, our Junior Teaching staff have created the following site: https://sites.google.com/craighead.school.nz/year-7-8-craighead/home It is informative and fun, with lots of great ideas!

Please reduce your number of contacts as we go into the 4-week closedown period but be aware that some of us may need help from others. As part of your self-isolation group, please identify a small tight support group of people. Please look out for each other!

Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui
Be safe, be brave, be steadfast

God Bless – E te atua manaaki – Lindy Graham