Tēnā koutou katoa e te whānau o Craighead –

This first week back has just flown by! It was lovely to hear excited voices around the school on Monday and to have all staff and almost all students back on the school campus. We are very proud of the efforts of most students in endeavouring to continue with their learning remotely – it is hard to maintain focus and motivation over a long period of time and it is natural for both to wane.

Staff have spent this week reconnecting, regrouping and reassuring students. Wellbeing comes first! Whānau groups have been completing Memory
Boards together, which will be on display in the library corridor when completed as a reminder of our collective experiences during lockdown. While there
are some real positives that have come out of this situation, it is so good to be back together as a school community!

Senior students who are worried about the lack of credits achieved to date are asked to remain calm – these will begin to appear as marked work is loaded
onto KAMAR and further internal assessments are completed, marked and moderated. With the extra two teaching weeks created by the delayed start to
the external examinations (which are now beginning on November 16), we will have one extra week of teaching time, and a further week for subject tutorials
for those who may require them in the lead up to the NCEA examinations. Apart from Level 2 French students (who sit their last examination on Monday 7
December), the revised external examination period does not impact on Craighead’s final week of activities – the Senior students will return to school on the
Monday evening, December 7, for our Christmas Dinner. The rest of the events will occur as per our original schedule – House activities on Tuesday 8
December, Final Assembly and Carol Services on Wednesday 9 December, annual Prize-giving and Leavers’ Ball on Thursday 10 December.

Thank you to everyone for respecting our additional hygiene and safety regime and routines. We now have several other contact-less school procedures
(such as QR codes for signing out and ordering lunch) – huge thanks to everyone for their patience and tolerance as we work our way through some
technical teething problems! We are making progress.

Physical Distancing
It has been wonderful to have all the girls back in school this week, and we continue to reinforce the public health measures of sanitizing hands and physical
distancing. Can we please ask that parents support us with this and encourage their daughter(s) to continue to practice these measures when in public. We
are aware that there are some concerns in the community that school-aged students are not following the guidelines in public – in fact, we have already
received two complaints about our students gathering in groups in the Highfield Mall area. As we are still in Alert Level 2 it is important that these guidelines
are reinforced both at home and school. Thank you for your support with this.

God Bless – E te atua manaaki – Lindy Graham