Tēnā koutou katoa e te whānau o Craighead –

NCEA Change Programme 2020-2023
The Ministry of Education are making changes to our senior secondary qualification so that it is more robust, consistent, inclusive, and accessible for students of all abilities and backgrounds. In 2020, the NCEA Level 1 subjects to be developed and fully implemented were confirmed. These subjects can be found on the NCEA Education website. All new Level 1 standards and materials for both the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa will be completed in 2021.Materials will be made available for public consultation throughout the year. On Wednesday 23 March, the Ministry of Education released the draft content for each NCEA Level 1 subject

Learning Matrices – a new product which identify and describe the significant learning of subjects that can be used to develop robust teaching and learning programmes.
Assessment Matrices – which identify the significant learning that will be assessed and credentialed at each NCEA level.
Course Outlines – which provide examples of how significant learning can inform a year of teaching and learning.
Initial draft Teaching, Learning and Assessment guides – which provide the overarching framework and structure to the assessment package, detailing links between The New Zealand Curriculum and the assessment at NCEA level.

We encourage members of our school community to have a look at the proposed changes and if desired, to provide feedback as this will be used to further refine the contents before they are used in a national pilot of new NCEA Level 1 subjects in 2022. Feedback can be provided through online questionnaires until 19 April 2021:
Questionnaire in English:    https://consultation.education.govt.nz/ncea/public-engagement-survey-phase-1-english/
Questionnaire in te reo Maori: https://consultation.education.govt.nz/ncea/public-engagement-survey-phase-1-te-reo/

Easter Chapel Service: Sunday 28 March
As a school of Special Character, there is an expectation that school families support our Sunday Chapel Services, as part of our Integration Agreement.Spread throughout the school year, we have up to six extra services which celebrate events related to the Church calendar. These are considered compulsory. Exemptions may be granted by the Principal for students who are representing the school in sporting or cultural activities, or for important family events which are generally known well in advance.

Because these services are sign posted on the 2021 school calendar, students who work on a Sunday evening are required to let their employers know early that they are unavailable to work at that time. In our experience, employers are always understanding of our Special Character commitments and appreciate being given advance notice. Services are usuallyapproximately 45 minutes, and presided over by our Chaplain, Rev Lucy Flatt.
We are often supported by the Reverend Joshua Taylor, Vicar of St John’s Parish Highfield and occasionally by the Right Reverend Dr Peter Carrell, the Anglican Bishop of Christchurch. Families are most welcome to join our Easter Service this Sunday, beginning at 6.30pm.Students are asked to be present for roll check in their Whānau groups at 6.15pm. Thankyou for your support.

God Bless – E te atua manaaki – Lindy Graham