Craighead Old Girls’ Association

2015 Committee

Patron          Patsy Mckenzie
President     Juliet Shallard
Secretary     Pip Harrison
Treasurer    Caroline Goslin
Committee  Amelia Dale, Rebecca Dobbs, Ann Johnston, Phillipa Guerin, Sara Rowley, Vicky Steven, Liz Munro.

Craighead Old Girls’ Association (COGs) is run by a voluntary committee representing over 4000 Old Girls.

COGs enables past pupils to stay in touch with class mates and connection with our School. COGs have compiled a database of past pupils which allows us to provide information upon request to Old Girls wanting addresses for class reunions, contacts for Old Girls in their area or contacts for Old Girls overseas. The association has active branches in different parts of New Zealand and Old Girl contacts around the world, offering:

  • Information on events happening i.e. year group reunions, School events, productions etc.
  • fellowship within the Craighead family past and present
  • the opportunity to renew and continue friendships from your school days
  • continuing contact with Craighead Diocesan School and news of the school
  • links with the branches throughout New Zealand
  • avenues to continue supporting Craighead now and in the future
  • an our annual newsletter

With the technology we have available to us today the focus of the Old Girls’ Association is about staying connected. We work on rekindling those friendships made during school days, helping Old Girls to stay in contact, keeping the Craighead family spirit alive.


Our COGs out in the world:

Former Craighead student nails audition for X-Factor Australia with brother

Finley and Isla Brentwood, better known as the Brentwood Duo, may go on to worldwide fame, judging by this performance.
A former Craighead student and her younger brother received a standing ovation for their audition on television talent show X-Factor Australia over the ditch on Monday.
Siblings Isla and Finley Brentwood thrilled the judges, playing an acoustic version of Major Lazer’s hit Powerful. The brother- sister combo are better known as Brentwood Duo and were one of the best 300 out of 6000 entrants to make it through to the TV audition, and beyond.
“Appearing on the X -Factor was like no performance I’ve ever done. It was incredibly nerve-wracking and exciting to sing in front of three huge stars (Iggy Azalia, Guy Sebastian and Adam Lambert) that I admire so much,” Isla said. “I was definitely surprised by their reaction! We didn’t think that they would hate it but it was incredible to hear such positive feedback from them.”
Isla Brentwood attributes her time at Craighead as starting her career as a performer. “I had grown up singing but at Craighead I learned how to perform.” Craighead Diocesan School head of department music Vicki McLeod remembered Brentwood as “innately talented”. “She always had a beautiful warm, mature voice.” Brentwood was in the school Chorale in 2004 and 2005 and in a band called Paradox. “She had (stage) presence,” McLeod said.
Brentwood still thought about conversations she had with her teacher. “[McLeod] honed my skills and cultivated my love of harmony and blend. She put me on the path to where I am now and I will never be able to thank her enough,” she said.McLeod saw the Australian audition footage and thought the siblings’ voices were beautifully matched.
After leaving school Brentwood went on to study at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art Nasda and was one of six old girls who performed in the Leading Ladies production for the Craighead centenary in 2011.
Originally from Queenstown, the musical duo now live in Melbourne. “Fin and I are really excited about the journey ahead and we are so proud to have the support of Timaru and New Zealand behind us. We can’t wait for Bootcamp,” Brentwood said.
 – Stuff

Natalie Rooney, Olympic Silver Medal

Natalie Rooney – Silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics for Trapshooting – Well done Natalie!!!


Dyke E

Dyke E goin to Rio March 2016

Knubley F article OG Mag 2016
Bell K article OG Mag 2016
Hutchinson N article OG mag 2016
Genevieve Steven article June 2016
Rooney N article OG mag 2016

Zandbergen H Sept 2015

Old Girl’s Success in London

Congratulations to Holly Zandbergen who won the 2015 Best Young Artist of the Year award at the National Open Exhibition at the Royal College of London.  Holly attended Craighead from 2005-2009.

Parents’ & Friends’ Association

Parents and Friends are involved in a variety of social and fundraising activities which aim to support the special character and values of Craighead, whilst promoting open communication between the school and parents/caregivers.
Opportunity to:
  • Meet other parents in a relaxed, informal setting
  • Find out what is happening around the school
  • Ask questions
  • Share ideas
  • Become involved in the future of your daughter’s education
We offer practical and financial support:

We offer practical and financial support as required and have been involved in the following events & fundraisers:

  • Grandparents Afternoon Tea
  • Open Day and Inauguration Day
  • Motivational Speakers
    • Amy Scott
    • Katrina Darry
  • Hosting of International Students from Hong Kong
  • School Ball
  • Variety Show
  • Hat and Hair
Parents and Friends have helped and supported:

Parents and Friends have helped and supported the school community over the last few years with:

  • Hexagonal picnic tables with umbrellas
  • Bean bags for common areas
  • 4 House Banners
  • $10,000 towards furnishing the new year 13 common room
  • $10,000 towards the new school van
  • Microwaves
  • $9,500 towards concreting the pool area
  • Mats for promotional tent and school entrance-way
  • New Gymnasium fitness equipment

Chairperson:               Marion Rolleston 027 612 6688
Vice Chairperson:    
Treasurer:                    Carolyn Lyttle      021 377 389
Secretary:                    Tracy McLeod     027 6090 656
Representatives from Parents and Friends on the Board of Proprietors:  
Teresa Templeton, Wendy Taggart


Are advertised in the school newsletter calendar. All welcome to come along. Meetings include regular reports from:

  • Ms Lindy Graham, Principal
  • Board of Proprietors
  • Board of Trustees

Our Student Leaders

Georgia Dobbs

Head Girl 2018

My Story

The process of appointing Head and Deputy Head Girls for this year was slightly different from previous years. It changed in that six girls were given the chance to be interviewed for these positions. I felt honoured to be given an interview, let alone selected to fill the role of Head Girl for 2018. I am so humbled to take on this opportunity to lead a fantastic school like Craighead, with the support of my Year 13 peers and many great staff. I bring to this role a positive attitude, and it is in my nature to step up to a challenge, so I look forward to the year ahead.
I love any involvement in sport, and continue to play competitive Netball and Touch Rugby, and social Basketball and Tennis. I have also been involved in coaching Netball and Touch Rugby teams, and have been a member of our Kapa Haka group and Sports committee. This year I look forward to co-running the Student Volunteer committee, introduced by last year’s head students, and I have also signed up to the Global Citizens and Peer Support groups. I feel grateful to have been able to take advantage of the many opportunities offered at Craighead. I am also appreciative of the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful friendships I have made— it’s been a privilege to spend my schooling with such an amazing group of girls.
As I begin my last year at high school, I feel lucky to have been a part of the caring, helping and accepting community that is Craighead. I hope, as Head Girl this year, I can sustain these values, which have contributed to my desire to become a nurse. I know they will serve me well as I venture on to university and life beyond Craighead.

Amalia Rowley

Deputy Head Girl 2018

My Story

I began at Craighead in 2012, as a Year 7 student. Coming from a small country school in Albury, I was initially overwhelmed by Craighead’s large and vibrant atmosphere. Year by year, Craighead has became more familiar and I have grown as an individual in our supportive environment. When I realised what amazing opportunities lay in front of me, alongside my peers I began to explore them.
Over the years, I have been highly involved with Equestrian and have enjoyed representing Craighead in many interschool competitions. I have also enjoyed playing in social Basketball and Touch teams and have previously been involved in the Ski team. Over the past two years I have been a member of our Adventure Racing team and I look forward to competing at Tongariro in the Hillary Challenge National Championships in May. This year I am also looking forward to co-leading the Teen Ag and Student Volunteer Army committees as well as being involved in other committees including Kapa Haka, the Sports committee, and being a Peer Support leader.
When I was appointed as Deputy Head Girl for 2018, I felt very honoured to be chosen to fulfil this leadership role. I feel extremely privileged to be supporting Georgia, and to be a part of such a positive and committed year group. Year 13’s decision to have ‘Whanau’ as our theme for the year is an exciting initiative and portrays the inclusive and supportive family atmosphere here at Craighead. This is an aspect of Craighead we wish to uphold and I am looking forward to being a part of this journey while working alongside my peers. I look forward to contributing as a school leader and completing this year. My career options for the future are yet to be decided, however, with Craighead’s integral values behind me, I feel confident that I will be ready to take on any challenges that may come my way in the future.

Grace Hyslop

Head Boarder 2018

My Story

2014 was my first year at Craighead, coming in as a nervous new Year 9 boarder. Already, in my first week at Craighead, I was forming friendships that I would take with me through to my last year of school and beyond. I can now look back on my years at Craighead and feel privileged to have had the opportunities it has given me in all aspects of my life. I have developed great academic skills and have thrived on the skills and sportsmanship I have learnt through my sporting endeavours. I have represented Craighead at Tennis, Netball, Touch, Volleyball, Basketball and Equestrian. I still continue to play competitive Netball and Touch, and being a senior in these teams has developed my leadership skills.
Coming from a family with two younger sisters, the loud girly giggles throughout the Boarding House were not unfamiliar. Being a boarder has allowed me to form independence and organisation skills that I can take with me in my future years. I truly value the close friendships I have made being a boarder. Boarding allows you the time to really get to know your peers and to form friendships that will last a lifetime.
I feel privileged to have the role of Head Boarder for 2018 and I am taking it on with open arms and a positive mindset. I recently attended a New Zealand Boarding School Association conference with my deputy Pippa Davis. We learnt the many different aspects of being a good leader, as well as the different ways hostels are run among New Zealand Secondary Schools. From this conference, I look forward to bringing new ideas into the hostel which will create involvement within all year levels and keep the spirit high of the Boarding House.
In my last year at Craighead, I hope to make the most of every opportunity I am given and make some unforgettable memories along the way, whilst leaving a legacy for future year groups to follow.

Pippa Davis

Deputy Head Boarder 2018

My Story

Starting Craighead in 2014, I was a new Year 9 boarder. With my bags bursting at the seams, and my uniform three sizes too big I was ready to plunge into everything Craighead had to offer. My final year has rolled around faster than I could have ever imagined. My uniform is still too big but I can confidently say despite my fears of the unknown I have never been happier with my decision to spend the past four years at Craighead. I have been an active member of the Drama department, enhanced my academic skills and participated in a range of sports including Touch, Netball, Swimming, Volleyball and many more.
Growing up on a farm in Fairlie and moving to Timaru to be a weekly boarder has been, by far, one of my favourite experiences of my life. The relationships formed between my fellow hostel peers has made my home-away-from-home a place I love coming to, as well as teaching me to be an independent and diplomatic young lady. I have always felt I have been able to relate well to others and speak out for what I believe is right, so being granted the opportunity to be Craighead’s 2018 Deputy Head Boarder was an honour. I feel humbled and privileged to work alongside Grace Hyslop this year. In particular, we’d like to focus on creating an even stronger sisterhood morale between all boarders and making each of the girls feel at home in the hostel, a job made easier by the support of the Year 13 hostel girls.
Grace and I recently attended the NZBSA conference in Christchurch. We learned about what it takes to be an admirable leader. I hope during this final year of my high school journey that I am a kind and approachable leader. I believe my role to be for the benefit of the girls and not just for myself, I am here for all girls in the hostel, to speak out for what they want and support them with their need. A personal goal of mine this year is to take everything in my stride with a positive attitude, and I encourage others to follow suit in making 2018 a year full of good health, happiness and fond memories.

Holly Lyttle

Sacristan 2018

My Story

I began at Craighead as a shy Year 7 student, uncertain of what the coming years would bring. Now, as a Year 13 student, I can reflect on all I have gained at Craighead over the past six years. Participating in sports and activities ranging from Netball, Badminton and Archery to the Craighead choirs, I have learnt the benefits of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. The vast range of committees also allows me to interact with others with similar interests. This year, I am an active member of the SADD committee (Students Against Dangerous Driving), Chapel committee, Library committee and the Tech Angels. I also enjoy flying and recently completed my first solo flight!
Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Anglican Schools’ conference held in Auckland, alongside my now Deputy Sacristan Catriona Macgregor. This was a very thought provoking experience. I got to connect with students from Anglican schools from all over New Zealand and learnt about how other schools incorporate Christian values into their school. The knowledge gained from this are something Catriona and I would like to implement in our Chapel services and see our school community enjoy the special character side as much as the people I met in Auckland do.
I feel very humbled to have been selected as Craighead’s Sacristan for 2018. Craighead’s special character is what really makes our school unique. Our Chapel is welcoming to all Craighead girls, helping them grow mentally and spiritually, and learn more about their own faith and values. I am looking forward to working with Craighead’s new Chaplain, Reverend Lucy Flatt, and seeing the fresh new ideas she will bring to our Chapel and special character.
I am proud to be serving my school this year and although I am uncertain of what I want to do in the future, I am confident that Craighead has prepared me well for my endeavours beyond 2018.

Catriona Macgregor

Deputy Sacristan 2018

My Story

When I first arrived at Craighead in 2012 as a shy Year 7 student, I knew no one apart from my older sister. The shock of a large school in comparison to the rural school I came from, was hard to adjust to at first, but through the evident family atmosphere of Craighead I quickly made my place in the school, and began getting involved in various activities, including chapel committee. During my seven years at Craighead, I have been involved in many committees and sports, such as Chapel committee, String Group, Orchestra, Choir, Stage Challenge, Cricket and Badminton, Magazine committee, Performing Arts, and the Environment committee, while still being able to achieve well in the academic aspect of school.
I had no idea that I would one day have the pleasure of being deputy Sacristan, alongside the Sacristan, Holly Lyttle.
The special character aspect of Craighead is something the school is proudly known for, and Holly and I, along with the newly appointed Reverend Lucy Flatt, aim to enhance this along with the students’ pride and passion for our school and religion. Having attended the Anglican Schools Conference in Auckland last year with Holly, we have realised how important our special character is and plan to build on this, not just within our school but within each student.
Craighead has taught me many life skills, and being appointed Deputy Sacristan for this year means I not only have the opportunity to build on these skills, but also to focus on becoming a better leader. The support and friendship within our Year 13 year group is special, and the wonderful friendships I have also made throughout my school life are ones I plan to keep for years to come. Beginning my last year of school, and knowing that I am venturing out into the world next year, I have realised the amazing opportunities and inspiration that Craighead has given me, and plan to carry this with me wherever I may go.
Congratulations to staff…
Craighead HOD Art, Ms Glenys Parry (below, second from left), has won an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award (ASG NEiTA). She was one of six teachers from around New Zealand to take out a $5000 national teaching award, with funds to be put towards professional development. An Art teacher opened Glenys’ eyes to a love of art and when she left Art School, Glenys worked for Community Volunteers. Interesting colleagues and a new perspective on life gave her the confidence to teach. Through Art, Glenys sees young people develop. Through individual direction within the syllabus she encourages her students to draw from their personal background and cultural heritage.
Craighead students’ art work has regularly toured New Zealand as part of the National Top Art exhibitions, or as NZQA exemplars. Glenys also models exemplars of previous student work at a senior level and her senior folio documentation covers 30 years. Glenys believes embracing visual communication in the digital age is essential. She also knows that hands-on work is crucial to wellbeing and that the creation, love and practice of art, together with creativity and ideas underpin her teaching. She is a firm believer that student development benefits from a holistic art education.
Craighead Careers Advisor, Mrs Vicky Campbell (second from right), received her Diploma of Career Guidance after four years of part-time study.
Ms Parry and Mrs Campbell are seen here with Art teacher, Ms Gala Kirke (left) and BOT Deputy Chair , Mrs Andrea Leslie

Kate Low

Performing Arts Leader 2018

My Story

I came to Craighead as a nervous Year 9 student. At first, I thought it would be best to take it easy and get a feel for the school before throwing myself fully into school life. This however, did not last long. Through Mrs McLeod’s encouragement, I was fully involved in Chorale, School Choir, Junior choir and Orchestra by the end of the year—four years later I am still a member of these groups and I couldn’t be happier.
I have always loved performing and have taken part in shows since a very young age. Craighead has nurtured my passion and provided a positive environment where I could develop and grow. I have also been fortunate enough to be a part of school productions, Stage Challenge, Theatre Sports, Music Cups and Sheila Winn Shakespeare competition along with being on several committees. These extra-curricular activities have not only enriched my time at Craighead, but also solidified what I would like to pursue when I leave school. I would like to thank the excellent teachers that I have had throughout my years at Craighead. They have taught me many invaluable lessons and helped me to excel in all my endeavours.
This year I am thrilled to be Performing Arts leader alongside my Deputy, Casey Brosnahan. This year we will run events such as CDX factor, Craighead Lip-Sync, Music Cups and more. I hope to encourage younger students throughout the year to take part in the many opportunities that Craighead has to offer and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and see what the Performing Arts departments have to offer.

Casey Brosnahan

Deputy Performing Arts Leader

My Story

Coming to Craighead as a Year 9 daygirl in 2014, I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived not knowing anyone and feeling slightly out of place. I had difficulty adjusting from being one of two girls in Year 8 at my primary school with the additional normal new school jitters.
Despite this, I was able to gain some confidence at school by joining the Craighead Chorale. I enjoyed singing so this was the perfect place to get to know more people as well as setting me up with good commitment skills with practices 3 times a week. Another solace I found in my first year at High School was joining the Football team. I have been playing football since I was seven years old and being in the team for the past 4 years I have not only improved my football skills but I have gained more confidence in myself and in leading others.
As the Deputy Performing Arts Leader for 2018, I have the privilege to work alongside some amazing girls who I know will change the world in their own way, starting with our school. As I am a Performing Arts Leader with Kate Low, my role includes assisting with the school Music Cup competition, and the annual school Lip Sync competition. Part of the role also includes working along side Mrs Vicki Mcleod, Head of Music to help lead the school choir, junior choir and chorale.
In my last year of high school, I have had to think of what I aim to achieve in this current year and next year. This year, I have been working on helpful habits that would benefit me next year and in later years, such as time management, taking risks, being more independent and submitting in forms on time. Next year, I hope to study a Bachelor of Commerce in Law as well as and carrying on learning French with a French course at the University of Canterbury.

Bryleigh Collins

Cultural Leader 2018

My Story

In 2012, I began my schooling journey at Craighead. Walking through the doors as a nervous Year 7 student, I was eager to meet new friends and embark on what were to be the most rewarding yet challenging years of my life. Coming from a small tight-knit country school just south of Timaru, the large family atmosphere at Craighead made me feel very welcome. I have made it one of my priorities to make new students feel just as welcome and comfortable as I did six years ago. Craighead has taught me how to be a respectful and independent young woman who is hardworking and considerate to others. Putting on my blazer for my final year, this time with the blue braid, I can say that I am proud to be a Craighead student. I have involved myself in many extra-curricular activities such as Netball, Touch, Basketball, Volleyball, Kapa Haka and the School Choir. In my final year, I am still a member of the Senior A Basketball and Senior A Touch teams, the Choir and Leader of the Kapa Haka group. Following on from previous leaders, I am privileged to share my leadership skills with younger students within the school.
I feel honoured to have been named the Cultural Leader for 2018, a relatively new role which has given me great joy in taking on the leadership responsibilities. With the help of my deputy Alia Cooper, we hope to enhance the cultural aspects of Craighead and improve the students and School community’s awareness of other ethnicities and beliefs around the world. As Head of the Kapa Haka group, I also feel driven to help maintain it’s strength and enable the school community to feel comfortable and confident embracing this culture. At the end of my final year I hope to walk out the doors being proud of what I’ve achieved and proud of my year group for teaching the school the significant meaning of ‘whanau’ and the importance of sisterhood during our time at Craighead.

Alia Cooper

Deputy Cultural Leader 2018

My Story

Now in my seventh year at Craighead, I can say that I am immensely thankful to be a student here. Craighead’s dedication to developing their students into well mannered and hard working young women is a goal I believe every girls’ school should have. When I think about my own year group and the people they have become over the years, I can safely say Craighead’s approach has been successful. During my time here I have been able to try many extra-curricular activities, some of which have led to me discovering my weaknesses—Netball, Squash and Rugby for example! But I have also discovered what it is that I am passionate about. Both in and out of class, I have been able to follow my interests of Science, Languages and Culture, Debating and Film Making. This year I am a member of many committees focusing on appreciating other cultures, their languages and aiding them in times of struggle. I am also Debating again this year, coaching the Year 9 Debaters and I am a member of the Film Club.
I have been appointed the Deputy Cultural Leader for 2018. This year I hope to encourage the younger students to take part in the many cultural groups and extra-curricular activities Craighead has to offer. I am excited to do this alongside Cultural Leader, Bryleigh Collins. I also hope to raise awareness and understanding of different cultures across the school. Bryleigh and I are excited to promote te reo Māori this year, particularly in Māori language week this September. We hope for Craighead students to begin using more Māori phrases in everyday life along with developing more of an understanding of Māori culture. Hopefully we will be able to incorporate a culture for open mindedness in Craighead which will set the girls up for their future.


Kate Trimble

Sports Captain 2018

My Story

As a Year 9 student, I was excited, yet slightly nervous, about the opportunities that Craighead had to offer. I feel humbled to be named Craighead’s 2018 Sport’s Captain, alongside my deputy, Leah McDonald.
Sport has always had an influence on my life. Previously living at Haldon Station, isolation had an impact on my opportunities so we had to use our imagination. This is where my love for sport began. Moving to a farm at Hampden opened new doors. Due to support from my parents, and endless travel, I was able to play a wide range of sports and was selected for North Otago Netball, Basketball and Tennis representative teams.
Coming into the Boarding House, I was open to the many sporting opportunities that came my way. During my years at Craighead, I have represented the School in Senior A Touch, Rugby, Trap Shooting, Basketball, Tennis and Netball. This has taught me valuable lessons and skills for now and the future – to be competitive but fair— to achieve success you must work for it –to be a good loser is just as good as a winner. Although sport has been a big part of my time at Craighead, I have also developed strong academic skills. I have been a member of the Sports committee, Kapa Haka, Social and Ball committees, Peer Support, School Council and the Boarding House committee. I have formed great friendships and can now call many girls my “sisters” who I hope to grow old with, and for this I am truly grateful.
In my final year I would like to help enhance the sporting aspect of the school. This year, the Sports committee and Director of Sport, Ms Cunningham, have organised at least one activity per week for all students, no matter the skill level, with the aim of students becoming more active and bonding as a school. The skills and knowledge Craighead has taught me will benefit me in my future endeavors and dreams of becoming a nurse. I would like to especially thank my parents, coaches, managers and, most importantly, my team mates for allowing me to become the sportswoman I am today.


Leah McDonald

Deputy Sports Captain 2018

My Story

I feel privileged and grateful to have been given the role of Deputy Sports Captain for 2018. I came to Craighead in 2014 as a Year 9 daygirl—having been involved in sport from a very young age, I know how much time and dedication goes into whichever sport you take part in.
I started Inline Speed Skating when I was eight years old and have been competing ever since. I have represented New Zealand at the Oceania Inline Speed Skating Championships in 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018 and competed at the World Championships in China last year. I believe being involved in sport, whether at local, national, or international level, is good for you in many different ways. Sport teaches us values such as teamwork, respect, discipline and setting and striving for goals. I believe incorporating these values into all sports at Craighead will make us better all-round people and improve the level of sport at Craighead.
Having mainly been involved in sport outside of school, I am enjoying seeing what goes into running the various sports on offer at Craighead, and I am excited to work alongside Kate Trimble (Sports Captain) to ensure that sport is an exciting and competitive area of the school lives of all Craighead students. This year, with the assistance of Alicia Cunningham, Kate and I are hoping to increase the level of sport related activity by introducing lunchtime activities run by the Sports Committee and early morning fitness sessions to get girls up and active.

Thanyamai Bulakul

International Student Leader 2018

My Story



Nutchita Resksawade

Deputy Int'l Student Leader

My Story

Meg Tregenza

Te Rawhiti House Leader 2018

My Story

After a crazy five years at Craighead, it is overwhelming to think that it is about to come to end.  During my time here, I have grown hugely in confidence and with all the amazing opportunities that are thrown at us, I have developed skills such as leadership and independence which will help me greatly as I head into the big wide world to start new adventures. Throughout my time at Craighead I have been fully immersed in all that is on offer such as Kapa Haka and multiple sports teams.  I have also been pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things.  Last year, I became a boarder and this year I have become a member of the Craighead 1st XV Rugby team, neither of which I ever dreamed of being when I walked through the gates as a Year 9 student.

To be appointed House Leader of Te Rawhiti, alongside Deputy Brenna Turnbull, has definitely been a highlight of my Craighead life.  This task is certainly one that cannot be taken on alone. Without the immense support and enthusiasm of my Deputy and the rest of the Year 13 students in Te Rawhiti we would not have had the successes that we have enjoyed so far this year.  We hope to continue our success throughout the rest of our inter-house competitions. The amazing friendships I have made over my time at Craighead have pushed me to be the best version of myself and without them I know that I would not be where I am today.  Next year I hope to go to Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin to study nursing, along with close friends who aim to do the same. I am incredibly thankful for what I have gained from Craighead and I encourage you all to try everything that comes your way at this school.





Brenna Turnbull

Deputy Te Rawhiti House Leader

My Story

Georgia Smith

Te Raki House Leader 2018

My Story

Georgie Dickson

Deputy Te Raki House Leader

My Story

Sarah Miller

Te Hau-a-uru House Leader 2018

My Story

Taylah Marr

Deputy Te Hau-a-uru Leader

My Story

Zoe Leen

Tonga House Leader

My Story





Molly Scott

Deputy Tonga House Leader

My Story



Kate Kelly

Head Librarian

My Story