The Board of Proprietors (BOP) is thrilled to relay progress with their building projects. The upgrade to our dining room, kitchen and associated toilet block is now complete. Strengthening and architectural plans are now being completed and presented to the Board for Shand House. While aspirational given current building and supply challenges, the Board hopes to start this project in 2022.

Board members recently visited schools in Christchurch to consider options for replacing our main teaching and learning spaces – West Watson.  In 2021 the government announced limited available funding for integrated schools and buildings which Craighead will use to upgrade our Art block (Oakeley House).  Outside of this fund, and unlike State schools, Craighead receives no funding from the government for new upgrades or buildings. It is your ongoing important parent contributions that means we can fund projects like the dining room, Shand house and the Art block.

Our bigger project – replacing West Watson, will require a financial feasibility study and a significant fundraising and donation campaign.  To assist us with these projects, but also wider school commercial activities and management of our boarding house, the BOP have decided to fund an additional staff role of “Chief Operations Manager”. 

It has been a busy 12 months and I would really like to thank all BOP board members for “leaning into” our activities and projects and to Ms Graham and her team for their ongoing commitment to Craighead while navigating the challenges and disruption of COVID.                                           

Nicky Hyslop,

Chair BOP