The Craighead International Department is seeking expressions of interest from families who would be willing to offer homestay accommodation to a Japanese student in 2023. We are looking for a home for Miwa Yamanaka, aged 16 who will enrol in Year 10 at Craighead from January 2023. Miwa wishes to live in a homestay situation and experience Kiwi family life. Please see her written introduction below:
cialis ftbl 20 mgHello, my name is Miwa
I am from Japan and I am 16 years old. I like listening to music and watching films. I also like to
dress up. Sometimes I am not very organised, but I’ll do my best in New Zealand because I do not
want to miss out any valuable experiences.
Let me tell you why I decided to study abroad. First of all, I like English, and I want to learn to speak
English well. I want to talk a lot with my host family and school friends and teachers. In the future, I
also want to work in a job where I can use English.
I especially wanted to study at Craighead because there was great support for my English. I am not
confident my English at all yet. I also saw events such as Show Quest on YouTube. I have been
learning to play the piano and dance since I was a little girl, so I really wanted to take part in such an
To my host family…
I am really looking forward to meeting you. I would like to have a good time with my host family, so
I am studying English very hard every day. Thank you so much for having me. I can’t wait until I
meet you all!!
Miwa Yamanaka.

Further more….
Our international students also require homestay accommodation over the school holiday periods in 2023 (between Terms 1-2, Terms 2-3 and Terms 3-4). As our Boarding House closes for the duration of school holidays, we need options to be able to accommodate our foreign students within the community, ideally offering them the opportunity to integrate with family life and holiday activities which will enhance their  experience of studying in New Zealand. This is also an opportunity for our school families to learn about another culture whilst hosting one or two students in their home. If you are interested and able to provide homestay accommodation, we would love to hear from you.