Last week we hosted the annual CDXFactor and Lipsync, and the night was fantastic. This event is a talent show that allows each and every student to present their own act, whether that’s singing, dancing, comedy or playing an instrument!

The event was adjudicated by Luke Robb from Pleasant Point Primary School who is also the director of 2023 SCDL Bring It On. We were incredibly lucky to have Luke come in and judge CDXFactor.

We were also very lucky to have such an amazing variety of acts!

Third place went to Ellie Muirhead with her stunning performance on the flute.

Second place went to our wonderfully talented tap dancer, Emily Brown and her incredible dance called ‘March’.

Finally, first place went to Heather Miller with her amazing audience inclusive performance of Ko Te Whirika.

We would like to thank our amazing judge, Luke, our incredible performers and everyone who was involved in helping us bring it together.


Phoebe Evans-Hoeffgen and Lucy-Mae Taylor

Performing Arts Leaders 2022