⇒  All Students

Agreement & Permission Document 2020: This document covers several areas all in one. This document is to be signed by parents/caregivers and the student.  There is a PDF or a Word Document format for you to use, depending on your computer system and what it will work with. Please click on the Agreement & Permission Document link below.

⇒  Bus Students

Bus Registration Form: Students coming to school by Bus need to complete the Bus Registration form and bring it to the School Office. We then send them away in bulk to the Bus Controller.

Once again there is a PDF and a Word Doc for your use. Please click on the Bus Registration link below.

If you require more information on bus routes please look at their website:

⇒  Boarders

There are forms that, as a Boarding family, you will need to complete. By following the Boarding Form link below you will be taken through to the Boarding section of this website. Complete any of the forms that are appropriate to you, complete them and hand them to the Boarding House Reception when you arrive.

Agreement & Permissions Document - pdf format
Agreement & Permissions Document - word doc format
Bus Student Registration Form - pdf format
Bus Student Registration Form - Word Doc format